About us

Zoombaa Party Club is a private, ladies-only Zumba Club, founded in 2012 and located in Markham/Richmond Hill area of Ontario Canada.

With multiple licensed Zumba instructors teach each class, you will have a full hour of high energy fun workout.

All of our facilities are over 4,000 square feet newly-built 30 feet high ceiling gym, equipped with air conditioning and ceiling fans.

Our average class size is between 30 and 60 participants and the format is such that instructors face our participants by leading from the stage with visual cueing. The average movement of our class is over 6,000 steps, and to burn 300 to 800 calories. Start with 8 minutes warm-up, and finishes with 4 minutes fully cool down stretches, we follow the Zumba formula exactly, and our choreographs are easy to follow and vary each week.

If you like 

  Zumba with Ladies Only in the luxury facilities

  • doing high energy, non-stop Zumba
  • having plenty of space for yourself 
  • breath in fresh air while dancing
  • able to see the instructor’s movement clearly 
  • seeing new songs every week
ZIN Monica Meng, former dancer.
ZIN Phyllis Wang, club owner & operator

Our Qualifications

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