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Zoombaa Party Club is a women-only Zumba and dance club located in Markham, Canada. The club has licensed Zumba instructors who lead high-energy, one hour classes in a 6,000 square foot gym with air conditioning and ceiling fans. Each class starts with a warm-up, followed by 25 minutes of cardio Zumba, 20 minutes of Zumba Toning, and a cool down with fun routines and stretching. In our class, 70% of the music is Latin, 20% is English, and the remaining 10% is international.

Classes are led from the stage, with easy-to-follow choreography that changes each week, and an average class size of 30-60 participants. You can burn 300-800 calories and take over 6,000 steps per class.

105 Minutes Zumba Challenge – Ladies Only Zumbathon® Charity Event

**Join Our Zumbathon Charity Extravaganza!**

Dance, Sweat, and Make a Difference!

Date: Saturday, September 16th
Time: 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Location: 105 Gibson Center Gym

Reg: zoombaazumba@gmail.com

– Zumba with Monica and Alice
– Zumba Toning with Phyllis
– Preloved Zumbaware Charity Sales: $20 All You Can Fit In A Bag!
– 50/50 Raffle: Win Big!

Ladies-only Zumbathon® Charity Event: Join us for a fun evening and make a positive impact through dance!
Don’t miss this chance to move, groove, and support our cause. Your participation matters!

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ZIN Monica Meng, former dancer.
ZIN Phyllis Wang, club owner & operator

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Email: zoombaazumba@gmail.com

Instagram: zumbapartyclub

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