About us

Zoombaa Party Club is an exclusive women-only Zumba and dance venue nestled in Markham, Canada. With licensed Zumba instructors at the helm, our high-energy classes unfold in a spacious 6,000 square foot gym, complete with air conditioning and ceiling fans for your comfort.

Each invigorating session spans 60 minutes and kicks off with a dynamic 5-minute warm-up. From there, get ready to groove with 20 minutes of cardio Zumba, followed by 20 minutes of Zumba Toning, before winding down with 15 minutes fun routines and stretching during the cool down.

Our classes feature a vibrant mix of music genres, with 70% Latin, 20% English, and 10% international tunes. Led from the stage, our instructors provide easy-to-follow choreography that changes weekly, fostering an engaging experience for our diverse community of 30-60 participants on average.

Expect to torch between 300-800 calories and log over 6,000 steps per class, all while having a blast!

Why Choose Zoombaa Party Club?
Elevate Your Zumba Experience!

1. Spacious Venue: Immerse yourself in our expansive 6,000 sqft gym, exclusively dedicated to empowering women through Zumba workouts.

2. Eclectic Music: Groove to diverse playlists featuring Zumba classics and international beats, enriching your fitness journey with vibrant rhythms.

3. Dynamic Instruction: Experience the energy and expertise of our seasoned instructors, offering a variety of classes including Belly Dance and Bollywood for a diverse and exhilarating workout.

Class Schedule & Details

Our Instructors

ZIN Monica, Former Dancer

ZIN Phyllis, club owner & operator
ZIN Phyllis, Club Owner & Operator
ZIN Mina, our latest instructor addition

Our Qualifications

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Email: zoombaazumba@gmail.com

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